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English | Español

Produced, Written & Directed by:

David Wendelman



Creative Producer:

Michael Bentt



- Shooting Format: 35mm/color+bw
- Run Time: 15:30
- Country: USA
- Exhibition Formats: DigiBeta, BetaSP, DVD (NTSC, PAL)




Battered by years of fights, small-time boxer Luis Morales is pressured to leave the ring and face his own mortality---the one opponent he cannot beat.

Whether it's been just to survive or to empower himself, every day has been a fight for small-time boxer Luis Morales. Now after years of boxing, Luis' promoter Marcel and his trainer Gerecke are pressuring him to leave the ring. But for Luis, the choice is not that simple. He is haunted by the memory of his father who, having once been a proud Mexican wrestler of the Lucha Libre, had died a broken man, struggling as a day laborer to support his family and to live the American dream. For Luis, to stop fighting is to fail, something he is more terrified of than of death. To fight is to exist.



Director's Statement

Luis Morales' struggle with dramatic changes in his life (like losing a loved one or ending a career), or the fear of failing at life itself---these are universal human experiences. But the world in which Luis exists is hardly known or seen. It is a world I have developed tremendous respect and passion for as I've set out to tell its story. Like Luis, many Latinos grow up in impoverished, volatile neighborhoods where boxing is often the only alternative to street gangs, violence and crime. The sport of boxing can give them hope to become something better, and in many cases keep them alive.

With BROKEN, I chose to transcend the traditional 3-act narrative found in most American film, and tell a passionate story that was more visually intimate and complex. I also wanted to make a film as raw and as real as its subject matter. In doing so, I hope I have given an authentic voice to the Latino boxing world, a voice rarely heard in cinema.


David Wendelman
Producer / Writer / Director